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What factors affect executor fees in probate administration?

Closing a loved one's estate in Tennessee takes a lot of time and hard work. As a result, individuals who handle the probate process as the executors of the estates often receive compensation for their time and effort. How much they receive and when depends on certain stipulations.

Several tasks necessary before starting probate

Having the responsibility of seeing a loved one's estate through to closure is not easy. Executors have a considerable number of obligations to attend to during probate, and it is of the utmost importance that they address each of those obligations correctly. Before the legal proceedings even get underway, Tennessee executors have their work cut out for them.

Probate administration may seem difficult to begin

Any time a legal process needs to occur, most people expect a lot of paperwork and for it to take a considerable amount of time. These expectations are often correct, and individuals going through the probate administration process in Tennessee will certainly have their work cut out of them. They may even have a difficult time knowing where to start.

Franklin probate administration will move forward without a will

Failing to create an estate plan is one of the biggest mistakes associated with settling final affairs. However, this is a mistake that many people fall victim to, including celebrities. As a result, the deceased person's family is left to sort through the probate administration process without the knowledge of their loved one's true final wishes.

Sibling strife may cause litigation during probate administration

The legal process of estate probate has many aspects that can cause the proceedings to extend a relatively considerable amount of time. One of the biggest issues that can cause probate administration to come to a near halt involves litigation. Unfortunately, there are many issues that could arise during the closing of an estate that could lead to this type of action in Tennessee.

Conflicts during Tennessee probate administration can be costly

People are commonly intimidated by legal proceedings. Even when these processes are necessary for generally non-confrontational situations, Tennessee residents can still feel immensely overwhelmed. Though probate administration can go smoothly, there is also the potential for conflict, and individuals holding the position of personal representative may have a difficult time knowing how to address these issues.

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