Comprehensive Advice For Child Custody And Support Issues

The single most important issue to most divorcing parents is the custody of their children. A related issue is providing for their support. I understand how important these issues are to you. No matter how contentious or complicated your family law situation, I am prepared to take the necessary steps to pursue a resolution that is beneficial for you. While I strive to resolve cases without litigation, I am a skilled litigator who will fight for you in court if necessary.

Parenting Plans

When parents are filing for divorce in Tennessee, the court must approve their proposed parenting plan. These plans outline a number of key items, including:

  • Where the child will stay during the week and during holidays
  • How the parents will make educational and medical decisions
  • The amount of child support a spouse will pay
  • Procedures for resolving parental disputes that arise in the future

It is critical to work with a lawyer who will advocate for your needs and ensure you will have a meaningful role in your child’s life after you are divorced. You need to have a significant role in your child’s life with appropriate parenting time, and child support payments should be fair and provide for the child’s needs. I focus on obtaining an outcome that protects your role as parent.

Grandparents Rights

Grandparents are special. The law is evolving to recognize these rights. While the rights of a parent usually supersede those of any other individual, when a grandparent has had a significant role in the life of a child, one of the parents is deceased, or there are other similar circumstances, a grandparent has rights that are protected by law. When a grandparent has rights protected by law, I will take the needed action to help grandparents get the visitation rights they deserve.

Establishing Paternity

If you have a child but are not married to the other parent, you have all of challenges that married parents have without the legal protections, until you address the matter in court.

It is essential to act quickly if you are the mother of a child in order to obtain support for the child (which includes prenatal care) and protection against the father taking actions that you are not prepared to address or which are inconveniently timed.

Likewise, if you are the father of a child but are not married to the mother, it is essential to take action immediately so that your parental rights are not terminated, you have an opportunity to bond with the child during crucial times of your child’s development, and you address support in a manner that prevents you from appearing to be unwilling to support your child.

I have represented both mothers and fathers in paternity cases, and I even decided these cases while serving as the juvenile court referee (now called magistrate). Let me help you during this exciting but scary time in your life.

Experienced Counsel For Clients Throughout East Tennessee

If you are facing child custody or support issues, work with an attorney who is dedicated to taking care of your needs. I focus on providing compassionate and knowledgeable legal advice, and I will create a plan tailored to help you reach your goals.

To learn more about how I can assist you, please call my Alcoa office at 865-981-4966 to schedule a consultation. I also welcome your questions through the contact form on my website. I proudly serve clients in Knox County, Blount County and the surrounding counties.