You have finalized your divorce and feel ready to start the next chapter of your life in Tennessee. If you have kids and plan on sharing custody with your ex-spouse, do you have a successful blueprint for co-parenting? has tips to help you understand how to work with the other parent to raise happy, healthy kids. Learn how to maintain your sanity and maintain peace.

It is about quality

Rather than focus on how many hours you get to spend with your kids, it is better to concentrate on what you do when you have time to spend with your kids. After all, there is a difference between making memories with your kids and simply being in the same room with your kids while you both engage in two different activities.

Consider your children’s concerns

As you and the other parent put together a custody schedule, think about how your kids feel. For instance, is there a specific item or toy you kids want at both houses? Maybe there is an emotional struggle your kids have about living in two different houses that you and the other parent need to discuss.

Prepare to make scheduling changes

Life does not always respect your scheduling and careful planning. Your kids may get sick, or extracurricular activities may throw plans off track. Either way, you and the other parent need to know how to navigate such disruptions before they actually occur.

Get comfortable with being lonely

Maybe your entire world revolves around your kids. If it does, you have to learn to adjust to periods without them. What other activities could you engage in to cultivate your own life without intruding on your kids’ time with the other parent?

This information is only intended to educate and should not be interpreted as legal advice.