Probate is a process that people often look at negatively. However, it is something that is in place to protect you and your heirs. It is a guarantee that things will play out the way you want them to after you are no longer here to watch over what happens. The Tennessee court steps in to help make sure your estate distribution occurs the way you want. This can help avoid hassle or issues. However, it may also be a lengthy process, and it comes at a cost.

The Blount County Tennessee website explains there are various costs associated with the probate process that your estate will have to cover. This money comes from your estate, and you should prepare for this ahead of time by setting aside the money needed to pay probate costs.

Most fees are due at the time your executor files for probate. As of 2019, the basic filing fee is $300. However, if you have a small estate, which means its value is under $50,000, then the fee is only $109. Do note all fees are subject to change.

Other fees include the publication of the probate notice, which is required by law, muniment of title and appointment of non-resident fiduciary. There are also fees for name changes, claims, conservatorships and guardianships.

There are also fees upon closing the case. These include fees for orders, issuance of summons, motions, and other court requests. If someone wants to reopen the case, he or she will pay a fee as well. Finally, if anyone needs copies of documents from the proceedings, they also must pay a fee per page.

As you can see, the fees may add up. So, plan ahead for them. This information is for education and is not legal advice.