When you’re involved in a contentious divorce, it might feel like there’s no way to escape from the sadness, anger, discomfort and exasperation of the process. However, because it is a divorce, it will eventually end. It’s this end date that you’ll want to look forward to.

In the meantime, here are a few more suggestions that you can use to help you survive a difficult divorce:

1. Make time when you do not think about the divorce

The time when you don’t think about your divorce should actually be the majority of the time. This is why divorcing spouses hire a divorce lawyer, so that they can free themselves of much of the worry and stress associated with their legal processes. Try to schedule a specific time during the day when you will address divorce issues, and when it’s not that time, attempt to free yourself of your worries, emotions and divorce concerns.

2. Get clear about your needs and goals for the proceeding

After discussing your situation with a legal professional, get very clear about your realistic needs and goals for your divorce process. Then, stay true to those goals throughout the proceeding. When you’re clear about the direction you’re headed, it will help prevent your emotions from clouding your vision.

3. Decide on the best method for communicating with your soon-to-be-ex

Some divorcing spouses find that every time they email or text each other, the messages are misconstrued and it blows up into an argument. However, when speaking by voice, it’s easier to stay calm and rational. Other spouses find the exact opposite style of communication works best to reduce conflict in your divorce.

4. View your ex as you would a difficult coworker

When your ability to make a living depends on it, you might be willing to put up with a potentially toxic working partner. Even if you don’t like your co-worker, you can still get the job done and do well on the job. You might want to view your spouse like this. It will help you stay professional as you focus on simply getting the job of your divorce done.

This advice could go a long way to lessening the conflict in your difficult divorce. At the very least, it will help you endure it until your marriage is eventually dissolved. Learning more about the nuances of Tennessee divorce law will also help you navigate your proceedings in an intelligent and appropriate fashion.