Wanting the best for their kids is a common desire that Tennessee parents have. However, it is much more difficult to determine the actions that will actually help their kids have the best lives possible. In particular, when parents are having to deal with child custody issues and parenting plans, they may worry about every choice they make.

If parents can work together, they may have a better chance of creating a plan that works well for everyone involved. Of course, rather than focusing on convenience for either party, it is important to view the situation from the children’s perspectives. Between their schooling and other activities, kids are often busy, which makes parents busy too. As a result, it is important that a parenting plan work to keep everyone on schedule as best as possible.

It is also important that the plan is not used as a revenge tool. One parent should not place a heavier or more difficult load on the other simply for the sake of interfering with his or her work or personal life. The plan would be most useful as a way to ensure that the kids have the ability to spend time with both parents while maintaining a healthy routine.

While working out a plan together outside of court is often considered the best route, it is not always the most feasible one. As a result, some Tennessee parents may need to go through child custody hearings in order to obtain custody orders and schedules. When this happens, it is often beneficial for parents to consult with their attorneys to determine their best options for reaching their desired goals.