The legal process of estate probate has many aspects that can cause the proceedings to extend a relatively considerable amount of time. One of the biggest issues that can cause probate administration to come to a near halt involves litigation. Unfortunately, there are many issues that could arise during the closing of an estate that could lead to this type of action in Tennessee.

Discontent among family members is a significant issue that can lead to estate disputes. A person may indicate that one family member should receive certain assets while another family member should receive much less or maybe nothing at all. In particular, this type of situation can be cause for strife between surviving siblings, especially if the family did not get along particularly well.

A parent with estranged children may not feel that he or she needs to bequeath items to those children. However, the kids may feel differently and believe they are entitled to an inheritance no matter what. Depending on the type of estate planning documents drawn up and the wording of those documents, it is possible for potential beneficiaries to fight for assets through litigation and potentially obtain the outcomes they desire.

Because each estate and case of probate administration is different, the exact outcomes of any litigation that could come about depends heavily on the specific details of the case. Still, if Tennessee residents believe that they have reason to fight for a rightful inheritance, they may want to gain more information on their legal options. Additionally, individuals holding the role of executor may want to find out what steps they need to take to address litigation.