The decision to divorce was likely not one made in haste. Many Tennessee residents may give this type of choice a considerable amount of time and thought before deciding to go through with filing a petition. After the process begins, some individuals may want to speed through the process as quickly as possible, but that may not be the best option, especially when it comes to property division.

Taking the time to slow down, particularly at the beginning of the divorce process, may help both parties involved. While one person may have given the decision a lot of thought, the other individual may feel as if the news came out of nowhere. In such cases, it may prove beneficial to take a step back and give the other person time to come to terms with the idea of ending the marriage.

Some people may think that this approach would not work for their situation. After all, feeling angry and resentful often helps individuals dull other pain for a while. However, taking a kinder and more understanding approach may help the entire process go more smoothly. In some cases, individuals may even be able to come to agreements on their own rather than having to go through litigation.

Property division proceedings are often known for their tension and continual conflict. Fortunately, everyone’s case does not have to follow such a path. In fact, some Tennessee residents may find it easier in many ways to discuss their options in a level-headed manner and determine the best outcomes. Still, it is important for individuals to protect themselves and their futures, and having a legal advocate may prove wise.

Source:, “A Different Way to Do Divorce“, Sharon Pope, April 7, 2018