Divorce is full of uncertainty. After building a live with your spouse, you may be wondering what lies in the future. No doubt, you have a lot of questions on your mind. There are some questions that are more important to ask than others– questions about legalities, finances and the divorce process. We have compiled a list of some important questions that you should ask yourself if you are getting a divorce.


Who will keep the house and car?

The marital home and the family car are usually two of the biggest assets to be divided. You and your spouse have a few options. One option is to have one spouse keep the house and/or car and have the other receive equitable assets. Another is to sell both pieces of property and split the money. 

Who will pay the expenses?

Figuring out finances is one of the most complex and often contentious aspects of a divorce. You should begin considering who will be responsible for certain debts. Also ask yourself how the two of you will cover the expenses—fifty-fifty? Proportionate to your income? Will one spouse cover everything?

How do I hire a lawyer?

A divorce attorney is something you do not want to scrimp on. Couples who attempt to divorce without lawyers are often stymied by the legal complexities of the process. Not to mention, you will need someone in your corner to advocate for your best interests. When shopping for a lawyer, look for a skilled family law attorney with experience in high-asset divorce, and schedule a consultation.

How long will it take?

This question does not have a definitive answer. A divorce can sometimes take a few months; in other situations, it can drag on for much longer. Even couples who plan to have a quick, easy split may encounter road blocks along the way. Do everything that you can to make the divorce go quickly, but be prepared for it to take much more time than you anticipate.