During the process of a divorce, if there are children involved from the marriage, it is important to consider their feelings and to understand how they will cope with this new change in life. Although children are often smarter and more in tune with what is going on than you believe, it is human nature to resist change, and it may be difficult for a child to adjust to the multiple changes in their life that is associated with a divorce.

The courts understand the importance of protecting a child, and make their decisions regarding child custody, child support and even property division keeping the best interests of the child in mind. For example, it is not uncommon for a custodial parent to be allowed to stay in the home after the decisions on property division have been made; this will lessen the changes in the environment for the child.

During child custody hearings, the courts will take many factors into consideration. They will primarily focus and try to determine which parent is considered the primary caretaker of the child. They will also look at each parent’s well-being, looking at their mental and physical state, as well as their financial position after the divorce. They will also look to see if either parent has a history of drug or alcohol abuse, or a criminal record including domestic violence. They may even interview the children to find out their own opinion on the relationship they have with each of their parents.

If you find yourself on the verge of a divorce, it is important to make certain you are well prepared before you enter the courts. There are many decisions that need to be made concerning property division, alimony or spousal support and child custody and child support. Having a strong and experienced legal team at your side could make a world of difference. James H. Snyder, Jr., is an experienced divorce lawyer with over 20 years of experience. Remember, the decisions that are made in the courts will have long-term and possibly life-long ramifications. It is in your and your children’s best interests to have a firm understanding of your expectations and wishes and a plan on how to achieve them. Our firm has helped many people in Tennessee with these very issues.