Tennessee residents who are about to enter into a divorce may become more attuned to the celebrity divorce cases that are reported in the news. Although celebrity divorces may appear to be very different from other divorce cases — after all, they often involve very famous and wealthy people — there are sometimes similarities that can be applied to one’s own divorce case. The major issues involved in divorce — child custody, alimony, property division and the like — often appear in these cases, just like any other divorce.

According to reports, former soap star Antonio Sabato, Jr., and his wife are going through a divorce after five years of marriage. Shortly after it was revealed that the celebrity planned to run for Congress, it was released to the media that he and his wife filed for divorce in December 2016. What’s more, there appears to be a child custody dispute. Antonio Saboto Jr. and his wife have one son, aged 6. Antonio is asking for joint custody of the child, while his wife is seeking sole custody.

Saboto Jr.’s wife is alleging that the actor abuses drugs. Among the accusations, she claims that he used crystal meth before the marriage and moved onto benzodiazepines during the marriage. Because of this, she is claiming that Sabato Jr. is unfit to raise their children.

Every child custody case is unique, and some are more heated than others. Although it is possible to have an amicable child custody arrangement, this is not always feasible. Sometimes, it is necessary for one party to fight for custody with the help of a skilled attorney.

Source: Huffington Post, “Antonio Sabàto Jr. Divorcing Wife Amid Drug Abuse Allegations,” Cole Delbyck, May 15, 2017