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Child custody in Tennessee

In the lives of Tennessee residents, divorce can be among the biggest challenges many have to face. Although it can also be a positive transition -- after all, it has been said that no good marriages end in divorce -- it can also be an emotionally trying time. Although there are many big divorce issues, such as property division, it is often those that involve children that can be among the most contentious. Of course, parents often have strong feelings when it comes to how they want their children to be raised. This is why it can be of the utmost importance that a parent's interests are protected in child custody case.

Antonio Sabato, Jr., files for divorce, in custody dispute

Tennessee residents who are about to enter into a divorce may become more attuned to the celebrity divorce cases that are reported in the news. Although celebrity divorces may appear to be very different from other divorce cases -- after all, they often involve very famous and wealthy people -- there are sometimes similarities that can be applied to one's own divorce case. The major issues involved in divorce -- child custody, alimony, property division and the like -- often appear in these cases, just like any other divorce.

Inheritance in high asset divorces

Divorce can be a challenging time in the lives of Tennessee residents. There is much that can weigh heavily on the minds of the soon to be divorced, including such weighty issues as child custody, child support, alimony and property division. Property division, for those with many assets, can be a particularly stressful situation. Without a prenuptial agreement in place, there are a number of ways that property division can play out. Obviously, there can be numerous complexities involved.

Factors to consider when planning for child custody

Divorce can throw into chaos the comfortable life that an Alcoa child has established with their parents. Though it is not common for adults to want to create stress in the lives of their offspring, it is often an unavoidable part of untying their lives from each other and starting over on their own following the dissolution of their relationship. Although every divorce-related child custody matter must be evaluated on its own merits, this post will briefly discuss several of the key factors parents and courts must consider when determining how best to serve the children of divorce.

Pension plans: What you can expect after divorce

You've worked hard over the years to support your spouse, take care of the children and make sure you also bring in an income. Now, you know that you and your spouse want to get a divorce, but you were relying on the pension that he's entitled to in the future. Will you still be able to seek this pension if you get a divorce?

What property is considered separate under Tennessee law?

The state of Tennessee recognizes equitable distribution when it comes to dividing property between soon-to-be ex-partners during a divorce. Equitable distribution relies on the premise of fairness in dividing real estate, personal property and intangible assets among divorcing parties.

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