When you’re going through a divorce, it’s all you can think about. From the emotional and financial repercussions, to the affect it may have on your children – your mind is consumed with divorce-related thoughts. Each decision you make is critical, and the toll it takes on your life is overwhelming.

Once you’ve finally managed to work through the incredibly important aspects of a divorce – custody issues, dividing property and assets, divvying up retirement accounts – you are finally feeling like you can take a breath. With all the difficult decisions behind you, you can focus on moving forward.

But first, a night of relaxation. You pull up your Redbox account on your computer. You pick a movie and proceed to check out. Then, you see your now-ex-spouse’s credit card information there. And then you realize the division of your lives as a former couple is still not over. What else have you forgotten about?

Life insurance beneficiaries

Whether you took out a plan on your own, or you have one through your employer, it’s important to remember to update the beneficiary information.

Credit cards and other financial accounts

You probably already separated your joint bank account, but it’s easy to forget credit cards that you use infrequently. This also includes 529 plans for college savings for children.

Your estate planning documents

Make sure that your will, power of attorney, advanced directive and any other estate planning resources have been revoked or updated. Working with an experienced attorney who can help you through both the divorce proceedings and the estate planning aspects of a marital dissolution can help ensure you don’t miss anything.

Online accounts

This could range from your favorite online retail store to your cell phone provider to your email account. Accidentally shipping something to your former address and paying for it with your ex’s credit card is just more stress during an already stressful time. Avoid it by removing outdated addresses, credit cards, names on the account and changing your password.

Employers and health care professionals

You probably can’t even recall the many forms you’ve filled out that require an emergency contact. Your employer and any doctors are good places to start so that you can update that information.

While the divorce process can seem endless, crossing your t’s and dotting your i’s will give you the peace of mind you need to feel confident in your post-divorce future.