The way that separated or divorced parents choose to manage the custody of their children can vary greatly. Whether the parents agreed to a child custody plan on their own or had a plan given to them by the courts of Tennessee, they can be sure that the terms of the agreement or order they must abide by was found to be in the best interests of the children by the family law court.

However good a custody order or agreement is, not everyone can withstand the challenges of enduring a parent’s need to relocate. A change of jobs may force a parent to move away from their children, as may the need to be close to a new spouse. When relocation becomes a reality for children and parents subject to custody plans it is not uncommon for custody disputes to arise.

One way that problems regarding relocation can be avoided is if both parents can expressly agree that the relocation of one of them will not disrupt their shared responsibility to their child or children. For example, a noncustodial parent may agree to allow a custodial parent to move with their kids if the parents can work out an arrangement that allows the kids to spend more time with the noncustodial parent during breaks and holidays from school.

If the parents cannot agree to a relocation plan they may have to return to court to work out their differences of opinion on the matter. As with all matters related to child custody a judge will decide if the relocation will support the best interests of the child or children. A judge may set parameters on a parent’s plan to relocate or may only intervene if a parent plans to move outside of an established distance from their kids; all specific matters related to child custody and relocation should be discussed with a family law attorney.

When relocation becomes a reality, families trying to work out custody plans can be thrown into turmoil. With many decisions up in the air it can be helpful for some to work with divorce and family law lawyers who may provide experience and knowledge about how to deal with the legal challenges of moving with or away from one’s kids.