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James H. Snyder, Jr. primarily handles complex contested divorces and post-divorce matters such as child custody, visitation, child support for people who have a lot to lose.  He also handles complex adoption cases and contested termination of parental rights cases.

Several factors increase the complexity of a divorce where one or both parties have high incomes or there are significant assets which need to be protected and properly distributed.  Stocks, closely held businesses, which can only be properly divided through either mediation or trial with proper advance planning by an experienced divorce attorney.

James H. Snyder, Jr. brings the same attention to detail to the prompt professional resolution of “simple” legal matters such as uncontested divorces, step-parent adoptions, and probate matters which may not involve litigation but if not done correctly initially may result in extensive problems later.

As a prosecutor for six years and a law clerk to the Tennessee Court of Criminal Appeals, James H. Snyder, Jr. brings expertise to the Criminal Defense cases which he accepts, including DUI, drug offenses, misdemeanors and felonies.

While James H. Snyder, Jr.’s practice is located in Blount County, Tennessee, he handles cases in Knox, Loudon, Monroe, and Roane Counties.

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